Gift giving is so hard for people who have everything and that’s why we created these bubbly holiday gift guides for the bubbly lover in your life who doesn’t need another thing.  

Now, of course, my most favorite gift is an experience and in my perfect world, a bubbly tasting experience is my most favorite kind.  And you’re welcome to come on over here to the Willamette Valley and I will be happy to create that for you.  

But if you’re looking for an actual gift to wrap up, there’s bound to be something on one of these three Bubbly Holiday Gift Guides perfect for the person in your life who loves all things related to bubbly.

If you’ve been around here a while you know there are a few things we absolutely love and share:  bubbly cocktails and mocktails, charcuterie boards and anything and everything related to bubbly.  

Last year when we shared the holiday gift guides we thought in terms of stocking stuffer and regular gifts.  But this year, we approached it in a different way.

Holiday Gift Guides

This year we created 3 bubbly holiday gift guides in the 3 different areas that are what we share and love the most.  We are certain you’re going to find a perfect gift for someone in your life here.

Guide #1: Bubbly Mocktail and Cocktail Edition 

3 Holiday Gift Guides for the Bubbly Lover in your life.  Guide #1 Bubbly Cocktail/Mocktail Edition

If you have been part of this community for any length of time, you know one of our favorite things is to make bubbly cocktails and bubbly mocktails.  And really only one rule applies every time we create new recipes:  they must be bubbly!  

To make these bubbly mocktails and cocktails, we find ourselves grabbing the same things over and over again,  so we put them all here as an easy reference for you.

  • Root 23 Simple Syrup has been a staple in our cocktails and mocktails all year long.  They make the best flavors and we’ve also added them to sangria and food as well.  You can use code BUBBLY to save 10% on any of the flavors.  And I’d highly recommend a variety pack because you will not be able to choose just one.
  • Shop Catvonle has my favorite bubbly glass ever.  It’s so big and the perfect “one glass” pour.
  • Novica Pitcher makes the perfect sangria pitcher and you know how much we like our sangria recipes made with Root 23 Simple Syrup.  
  • Champagne Toppers Gift Set makes any bubbly beverage an instant mimosa or bellini.  
  • Pampered Chef Cocktail Kit turns any amateur bartender into an instant professional.  We love this kit and use it every time we make a cocktail or mocktail.
  • Liquid I.V. not only do we drink this before any bubbly tasting or bubbly cocktail making day, but we also have been known to make a few drinks with Liquid I.V. as the base liquid.  Liquid I.V. makes a great stocking stuffer! And as always, you can save 25% with any order online by using code BUBBLY.
  • Bubbly Spoon is a necessity for any open bottle of bubbly and fits perfectly around a bottle of bubbly or in a stocking.  Yes, it’s our favorite trick and we always put our spoon in an open bottle to keep the bubbly bubbly.  

Guide #2:  Charcuterie Edition

3 Holiday Gift Guides for the Bubbly Lover in your life.  Guide #2 Bubbly Pairs Well with Charcuterie

Earlier this year we started creating themed charcuterie boards.  And we had a lot of fun doing it for sure.  If you go to the blog you will find 9 different themed charcuterie boards…they’re oh so good and pretty easy to recreate.

And no charcuterie night is complete without these items:

  • ConVino Charcuterie Board is so perfect!  If you’re not following ConVino Board on Instagram, you’re missing out.  Not only does she create amazing looking charcuterie boards, but she also sells beautiful boards that you can have completely customized. 
  • Cheese themed towels are the perfect accent or make the perfect hostess gift coupled with the ConVino Board.
  • Wine Themed Cheese spreaders are a must, yes a bit cheesy (no pun intended) but definitely lend themselves to the wine/bubbly theme. 
  • CHEERS napkins pair perfectly with a charcuterie board.  
  • Your favorite Bubbly Collection to accompany any charcuterie board.  These are my 3 go-to sparkling wines from Willamette Valley Vineyards.

Guide #3:  Bubbly Lover Edition

3 Holiday Gift Guides for the Bubbly Lover in your life.  Guide #3 Bubbly Lover Gift Ideas

Every bubbly lover should have these gifts!  They make great hostess gifts as well.  

  • Customized saber to open any bottle of bubbly!  It’s a great party trick and makes opening bottles so much more fun (hard to believe that’s even possible, I know).
  • Collection of your favorite Bubbly.  Gift your favorite bottles to the host so they can experience what you love to drink.
  • Decorate your favorite bottle with this cute wooden tag.  I grabbed this one in the Willamette Valley Vineyards tasting room.
  • But First Bubbly towel is my favorite kitchen accessory.  It is the only piece of kitchen decor I have and it’s up all year round.
  • Sparkle and Shine candle from sw7kinsington makes perfect holiday decor or in our bubbly world, any time decor.
  • Vinglace bubbly cooler keeps your bubbly cold without the annoying sweating on the table.  

Which of these bubbly themed gifts are on your wish list?  

Want more?

Are you looking for more cocktail and mocktail recipes featuring Root 23 Simple Syrup?  Visit the Root 23 Highlight on Instagram.  

Additional recipes can be found on Bubbly Side of Life on Pinterest and you can create your own boards with your favorites.

Looking for charcuterie board ideas?  

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